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4 Benefits of Parlour Pit Mats

Although you may be the kind of person who is willing to get your hands dirty, jump in, and work as hard as you possibly can, it’s always good to have a little bit of protection under your feet whilst you’re working. Parlour pit mats provide a high grip surface and cushioning ability to prevent against slips and trips for those working in milking parlour pits. In addition, they provide anti-fatigue, high grip flooring so that you and the other operators working within a parlour pit can work safely.

In this article, we will address:

  • How parlour pits keep operators safe
  • How parlour pits create a more hygienic floor
  • The best parlour pit mats to purchase for your dairy

How parlour pit mats keep operators safe

  1. High grip surface protects the operators

There is nothing quite as uncomfortable as being on a wet surface, knowing that you could lose traction at any moment. Did you know that, within the 2021, slips and trips accounted for 33% of the nonfatal injuries experienced by workers in the UK. According to the HSE, almost 445,000 workers suffer from nonfatal injuries every year, including slips, trips, and falls.

A large proportion of those workers are in the agricultural industry. Just like it’s important to have proper personal protective equipment when you walk into the barn, by purchasing high traction flooring, you can help to prevent against injuries caused by trips and slips.

  1. Increase the morale of your workers

An added benefit of this is that the morale of your employees will increase with proper flooring. Think about it like this: you wouldn’t want to work in unsafe, uncomfortable conditions. Sloshing about on slippery concrete floors makes one almost go mad. And parlour operators have to work in wet or dry areas, performing the arduous task of placing couplings on the teats of all the cows within their care.

In contrast, your employees will feel a lot more comfortable walking on high traction flooring, which means they will do their job to the best of their abilities. You are effectively setting them up for success by providing them with everything that they need to work safely and effectively.

Not only that, it helps to reduce fatigue, allowing employees to work for longer periods of time without feeling tired. They’re also soft, and provide a cushion for the workers operating in the parlour pit. This extra cushioning can actually help take stress off of joints and ligaments.

In the cold winter months, a parlour pit mat can help to keep the milking parlour warm because of its thermal insulating properties.

With high quality EVA foam mats, you can expect to hear some “thank you’s” from your parlour operators, or at the very least a bit less grumbling from them.

  1. Parlour pit mats make for a more hygienic floor

Another added benefit of parlour pit mats is that they create a more hygienic, easy to clean floor. For example, even with the best chemical cleaners, concrete always seems to keep a film on top of it. The organic material which sits on parlour pit floors comes from the milk of the cows being milked, and if left sitting can lead to a buildup of bacteria. This bacteria can be harmful to both the parlour pit operators and the cows.

EVA foam mats are great to use in the milking parlour pit, as they are waterproof, nonabsorbent, and easy to clean with a power washer. EVA foam is a closed cell foam, a tightly woven materials, and they do not absorb liquids, and they also do not degrade from harmful chemicals. They also dry easy, and are safe to walk on within a short period of time.

  1. Easy to install

One of the best benefits of EVA foam mats is that they are incredibly easy to cut and fit into any space. EVA foam jigsaw mats connect together through puzzle piece connector pieces on the outside edges. These connector pieces tesselate into one another, creating a tight fit. These mats rarely separate, meaning that you won’t find any holes or gaps.

They’re also incredibly easy to cut, as all you’ll need is a sharp knife to create a neat finish on the edges. Simply start in the top left corner, working from left to right. When you reach the right corner of the room, use a straightedge, measuring tape, and chalk line to mark out where you need to cut. It’s simple enough that even those who are not handy with tools can easily set up your own parlour pit.

The best mats to purchase for your parlour pits.

As mentioned above, EVA foam mats are great to use in parlour pits, as they provide a unique level of cushioning and traction for your employees to walk on.

One other added benefit of parlour pit mats is that they are double-sided, allowing you to differentiate between different areas within a parlour pit. Say, for example, you purchase mats that are red on one side and blue on the other, you can use the red side to mark out the main work area, and the blue side can be used to identify areas where the milking instruments will be.

Below, you can find a list of the best parlour pit to buy:

  1. Parlour Pit Mat 20mm x 1m x 1m Black Green
Parlour pit mats, EVA foam mats

Coming in a stylish green and black surface colour, these mats are great to use in a parlour pit. These mats also feature a 120 kg/cbm density, and this means that these mats will be able to hold up under the daily rigours of regular work.

Also available in two other colours:

  • Grey/black
  • Red/blue
  1. Parlour Pit Mat 40mm x 1m x 1m Red Blue
Parlour pit mats

These 40 mm mats offer increased cushioning ability, as they are thicker. They offer a clean double-sided look, and are great to use not only in parlour pits but also in walkways, workshop areas, and even inside your own home. Also featuring 120 kg/cbm density, and boasting rapid installation, these mats are an easy decision for anyone who wants to increase the workability of their dairy.

Also available in 2 other colours:

  • Grey/black
  • Red/blue


You can’t go wrong with EVA foam mats in your parlour pits, as they offer increased protection for the parlour pit operators and cushioning ability. They also feature a high traction, nonslip surface texture. Not only will the workers operating within your parlour pit feel less tired, they will also benefit from increased confidence to complete the tasks that you’ve asked them to do.

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